The 10 Richest Men In Asia – List of 10 Wealthiest Men In Asia

4. Li Ka-shing, China, Net Worth: $29.8 billion

Li was born on 1928 and is currently the chairman of ‘CK Hutchison Holdings’, a conglomerate that deals with investment and property holdings. More than 250,000 people have been employed in the companies under CK Hutchison Holdings.

Starting to work at the age of 15 at a plastics trading company, Li started his own plastic manufacturing company later. But when his family depended on him for money when his father passed away, he had to work 16 hours a day. Later, he found affordable ways to produce high-quality plastic flowers which he could sell cheap. It became a successful business. Yet, it was put to the halt when his lease for building expired and he could not renew it.

So, he was forced to develop a new site himself. That was when he decided he would put his hands on real estate business. His interests expanded to electrical plants, internet technology and also became a shareholder in banks in China. These investments made has made him to one of the wealthiest people in China and in the world.

Still, he prefers a minimalistic living and donates billions to charities that help in the development of technology and medicine.

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