The Richest People In Singapore Right Now, And How They Make Their Money

9. Kuok Khoon Hong, $2.5B

Image Credit: Forbes

Nephew of Malaysian billionaire Robert Kuok, Kuok Khoon Hong (67) is the co-founder of Wilmar International Ltd., one of the world’s largest palm oil producers.

Founded in 1991, the company is said to have over 92,000 employees, and counts Dutch-British consumer good giant Unilever as one of its main customers. Last year, the company reported an annual net profit of $160 million on a revenue of $41 billion.

The company has also acquired a slew of businesses, including Australian raw sugar producer and refiner Sucrogen Limited, oleochemicals producer Natural Oleochemicals, Ghana-based Benso Oil Palm Plantations Limited – just to name a few.

His son, Kuok Meng Ru, also made the news last year when he bought a 49% stake in Rolling Stone magazine.

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