The 5 Best-Selling Cars in 2018

With just one more month to book before the year ends, it appears automakers’ U.S. sales will be down year over year for the first time since 2009. Although a solid November performance has put the seasonally adjusted annualized sales rate at 17.4 million vehicles, they are still on track to come up short of the 17.6 million vehicles sold last year.

But even at the start of what some industry analysts think might be a multiyear domestic downtrend, there were some notable winners among those models being driven away from the nation’s dealerships. It should be noted that light-duty pickup trucks remain the best-selling vehicles in the country, as they have for several years running. Here we’ll take a look at the five cars that have sold best in the U.S. through the first 11 months of this year.

Included in the list are compact crossover SUVs. Why? As we’ll soon see, the crossover is a hugely popular style of vehicle this year (and in years past, for that matter). While their larger brethren, the SUV, is typically built on truck platforms, compact crossover models are built on car platforms, so they’ve been included.

5. Honda CR-V (340,912, up 6.7%)

The compact crossover sport utility vehicle from Honda Motors (NYSE: HMC) has been immensely popular since it was first introduced in 1997, and 20 years later, Honda has sold some 4 million of them. The CR-V is built on Honda’s larger Civic platform, rather than the smaller Accord variant, which gives it an all-wheel drive system and a 1.5 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine that pumps out 190 horsepower. With a larger size, but a smaller look, the Honda CR-V is likely to remain a consumer favorite.

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