The 5 Best-Selling Cars in 2018


2. Nissan Rogue (363,293, up 25.5%)

Nissan has capitalized on the car buying public’s desire for compact crossovers, and its entry in the category surpassed the CR-V this year in popularity. More importantly for Nissan, the Rogue is the carmaker’s most popular vehicle in the U.S.; its sales have soared 25% so far this year. But it might not be a completely fair comparison: Nissan sells a lot of Rogues to fleet buyers.


Last year, 19% of Rogue sales were fleet sales, but through September 27% of the model’s sales were to fleet buyers, mostly rental agencies. Although Nissan’s sales were better balanced between retail and fleet this year, the two major hurricanes caused it to sell more to fleet again

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