The 5 Best-Selling Cars in 2018


1. Toyota RAV4 (375,052, up 19.1%)

The biggest winner in the crossover marathon is Toyota: Its RAV4, another perennial big seller, tops the list, helped along by its November results. Although RAV4 sales only rose 2.2% for the month, with 28,700 of them driven off dealer lots, the model had its best November performance ever, helping Toyota hold its title as the biggest seller of cars in the U.S.

The auto industry is poised to have its third consecutive year of new car sales exceeding 17 million vehicles. So even if it wasn’t as high as the all time record of last year, it remains a remarkable achievement and a tremendous revival following the depths of the recession.


It’s also a big win for Toyota, which continues to be the biggest seller of cars in the U.S., even though, like the market as a whole, sales are down slightly year over year. With the RAV4 having itsĀ 11th consecutive best-ever monthly total of sales, it looks like the Camry has passed the baton as America’s favorite car, though only time will tell if its reign will last as long.

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