The Best Baby Classes in Singapore: All New and Updated to Keep You Busy, Mama

White Lodge

6 months to 2.5 years

White Lodge runs a Parent and Child Programme at both its East Coast and Loewen Gardens locations with activities like circle time, music and movement, art, and both sensory and outdoor play. Each 90-minute session is planned and run by an experienced facilitator, allowing babies an early chance to flex their social skills, and giving parents the opportunity to meet up as well! We love that these sessions are also open to helpers and other caregivers, and it’s a fab way to start getting little ones familiar with a preschool setting.

White Lodge Loewen Gardens, 75E Loewen Road, Singapore 248844, Tel: (+65) 6475 7262
White Lodge East Coast, 102 Guilemard Road, Singapore 399719, Tel: (+65) 6440 6690

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