The Top 10 Richest Big Shots In Malaysia And Their Education History

We’re often fascinated by those who attain mastery in their respective fields or by those who are able to reach a certain level of success in a certain industry.

Our fascination also greatly doubles, if the said person had to overcome extreme conditions to get to where they currently are. People who attain success despite of their extreme conditions tend to strike a chord of hope deep within us, and they secretly assure us of the successes that might one day befall us if we only hold on. This might explain why we’re obsessed with dropouts who eventually become billionaires, successful artists that were once struggling, celebrities who have worked as a janitor in the past, so on and so forth.

However, that often keeps us away from looking at the bigger picture objectively and it fosters a general disdain towards the arduous process of learning and obtaining an education. The fact of the matter is that everyone will have different paths to success.

As such, here are the 10 wealthiest people in Malaysia (according to this recent list by Forbes), and what we know about the history of their education.

1. Robert Kuok

Image Credit: The Star
Image Credit: The Star

Robert Kuok is currently the wealthiest person in Malaysia and his wealth is estimated to be around $11B. He got his start trading rice, sugar and wheat floud in Malaysia in 1949 and in Singapore in 1953. However, a big source of his wealth is a stake in palm-oil giant Wilmar Internatioal.

Bloomberg Business reported that he progressed from a local English school to Raffles College in Singapore, where he received his Bachelor of Arts. Other students from Raffles College include Lee Kuan Yew, who was later credited as the founder of modern Singapore.

However based on the same article, he never finished his studies and he took up a job at Mitsubishi Corp while the Japanese troops captured Singapore.

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