These Are Singapore’s top 10 Highest Paid Professions


Talk about salary in Singapore and people react in two ways they either berate themselves for not making it into medical school, or they wish they had a life to go with that salary. While this article is not meant to encourage you to enrol your child in more “Baby Genius” tuition classes or quit your job in search of greener pastures, here are the 10 highest paying jobs in Singapore of the past year, according to MOM’s Occupational Wage Table for 2018. We’ve left out occupations like “CEO” or “company director”, and for obvious reasons you won’t see things like “prime minster” on the list either.

10. Manufacturing plant / production manager for petroleum, chemical and pharmaceutical products $9,000- $9,441

After working as a chemical engineer or chemist for a number of years, graduating to become a plant or production manager pays off better than becoming that mad scientist in a lab coat with the frizzy hair.

9. GP/Physician – $8,292 – $10,266

That GP in the polyclinic office whom you constantly try to dupe in order to get an MC may not cut a very imposing figure, but he’s probably earning more than you do, especially if you actually have to go to a polyclinic in the first place.

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