These Are the 10 Most Haunted Places in Singapore

8. Fort Canning Park

It was known as Bukit Larangan, or the Forbidden Hill by the locals. Long before the British arrived, Fort Canning was already a sacred rise, exclusive to the ancient rulers of the land, their graves and temples. During the war, it was a base of military operations for both the British and eventually, the Japanese. Nowadays, it is as popular with joggers as it is with music lovers, who make merry on the grounds, perhaps unaware that their concerts take place over what used to be a Christian cemetery.

Perhaps the concert attendance might sometimes be bolstered by the otherworldly denizens of Fort Canning Green. Some joggers have reported the uncomfortable sensation of being watched, when they pass the older bits of the park, as well as Keramat Iskandar Shah, a shrine dedicated to the enigmatic ancient ruler of Singapore.

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