These Are the 10 Most Haunted Places in Singapore

7. Bukit Brown

Bukit Brown is a biodiverse haven for all sorts of plants and animals, and a favorite amongst local nature lovers. So when the government proposed ripping up the area to stick dual 4-lane carriageways through its guts, they faced very vocal and violent opposition (well, by Singapore standards anyway). After all, not only is Bukit Brown a small pocket of undisturbed indigenous flora and fauna, it also happens to be one of the last remaining Chinese cemeteries in Singapore, with very large tombs guarded by stone Sikh guards.

In typical Singapore fashion, the government basically shrugged their shoulders and proceeded with the road construction anyway, starting with the exhumation of several old graves along the proposed route. Since the operations started, there are stories of restless spirits (including a lady clad in a red cheongsam) bemoaning their pending disturbance amongst the tombstones, and visiting the dreams of their descendents.

Is there a complaints department in the astral realm?

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