These Are the 10 Most Haunted Places in Singapore

5. Haw Par Villa

There is literally nothing more creepy than a decrepit, failed theme park. Built by the founders of Tiger Balm, to celebrate/instill Confucian values and traditional Chinese folk-legends, Haw Par Villa was the original Dismaland – sorry Banksy. Full of “fun” attractions such as dioramas of ancient Chinese demons as well as its infamous ten courts of Hell, a tunnel of love-esque attraction in which visitors would be taken on a meandering boat ride through the burning levels of hell, each depicting the gruesome punishments that would be meted out to your eternal spirit, for crimes of alarming specificity.

Given the number of school trips they used to organise there, is it any wonder that Singaporeans are so law-abiding? Every country should have one, really. In any case, there are reports of the ornate statues of the park coming to life at night, as well as screaming being heard from the Tunnel of Hell… some say that during the Hungry Ghost month, an actual portal to the actual Chinese Hells opens from within the Tunnel, for our ghostly brethren to come visit. Oh, and admission is free!

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