These Are the 10 Most Haunted Places in Singapore

3. Woodleigh MRT

Bidadari Cemetery is another burial site that is slowly making way for redevelopment, because, well, Singapore needs more housing. The official sentiment is that most Singaporeans have zero, zilch, nada problems with living over land that used to be explicitly reserved for the deceased. We guess that means they don’t mind living with an extra spook or two in their bedrooms then.

Woodleigh MRT station is a new train station that runs through part of what used to be Bidadari Cemetery. Even after the station was complete, it was not operational for a time, reportedly because the MRT was haunted by spirits, roused by their unwelcome eviction. When it was just a dark station on the line, MRT commuters reported seeing fast moving shades and ghostly apparitions as their trains passed through the station. On the bright side, late night commutes through Woodleigh MRT will never be lonely.

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