These Are the 10 Most Haunted Places in Singapore

1. Old Changi Hospital

Singapore’s most haunted place might be a hotel now, but its reputation remains inextricably tied to its ghostly past. Changi Hospital was derelict for a very long time, and was known to be haunted by the spirits of the people who died there when it was a wartime hospital. While it was abandoned, black magic and satanic hobbyists (we presume, unless they went professional) would visit the dark corridors in a bid to convene with the devil, or a least the mosquitoes.

Topping it all off, the hospital is a stone’s throw away from Changi Beach, where the Japanese soldiers committed the Sook Ching massacre, and killed anyone they branded a threat or dissident. Given the horrors the area has seen, it’s no wonder that the old Changi Hospital remains the most haunted place in Singapore, a reputation also assisted by the local film Haunted Changi.

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