These Singapore Celebrities Made Their Long Distance Marriages Work!


Jaymee Ong 

Actress, TV host and mummy of 2, Jaymee Ong, married Australian electrical engineer Matthew Heath in 2009 after dating him for three years. They have a daughter Julie, and a son, Harrison.

Jaymee is based in Singapore and rarely gets to see her hubby. She writes on Instagram, “For the past 9 months, we have spent 9 weeks together. My incredible husband has been based in Korea since August last year and our marriage has been long distance.”


I share this because, with everything going on in the world, it is a timely reminder to appreciate those closest to you, even if they aren’t physically present. My family are my everything. One more month Matt…I love you…”

This couple makes sure they have their date nights, and holidays without kids. Looks like the distance has only added to their love!

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