These Singapore Celebrities Made Their Long Distance Marriages Work!


Ang Junyang & Candyce Toh

Ang Junyang and Candyce Toh started off as Project SuperStar contestants and rivals. They ended up getting married in 2009.

Junyang moved to Taiwan to pursue his career as a freelance producer and songwriter, while Toh remained in Singapore. Apparently, even though they were separated by distance, the couple would WhatsApp each other daily. Toh would also fly to Taipei once every three months to meet her husband.

The couple once revealed that they maintained a “let nature take its course” attitude when it came to conceiving, and thanks to their long-distance relationship they were only able to succeed after five years.


Their “long-distance” romance finally ended when Junyang came back to Singapore for good during the final trimester of Candyce’s pregnancy. She was constantly having dizzy spells and vomiting during her pregnancy.

Junyang told Toggle.“I decided that I must come back after the third month [because] I was worried sick and I had to come back for the kid too.” Today, their little princess Azalea rules their lives.

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