These 10 Singaporean Women Have Stolen Hearts With Their Looks and Personality

These ten Singaporean women have stolen hearts with their looks and personality, and many men would date them if they could. Witty, charming, and beautiful, they are well known to many as models, artistes, and entertainers in Singapore.

We asked around and got Singaporean men to tell us the female celebrities they’d date if they could, and we compiled a list from their answers.

Check out our list of “10 Singaporean Female Celebrities We Want to Date” below, and let us know if you agree with these Singaporean men.

1. Eswari Gunasagar

Why we love her:

The Tanglin actress and former Miss Vasantham finalist is a woman after our hearts.

A sporty chick with a fondness for Nicholas Sparks’ romance novels, she’ll probably motivate anyone who dates her to be better people than they were before.

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