8 Things Our Politicians Said In 2017 That Made Us Say “What?”

3. Abdul Ghapur: People fly MAS because they can drink alc0hol until they get drunk. 

Image Credit: Sayang Sabah

In March of this year, Abdul Ghapur Salleh, member of the parliament for the Kalbakan constituency in Sabah, had some things to say about serving alcohol on flights.

He released this statement after a revelation went around that MAS was still losing money just a few days earlier.

A member of the Parliament of Malaysia for the Kalabakan constituency in Sabah, he said,

“People want MAS because they can drink alcohol till they get drunk. So I would like to suggest, do not sell. Make it like AirAsia, whereby if they want it, they pay for it. Cannot give it for free.

Abdul Ghapur opined that continuing to provide such a free service would impact Malaysia Airline’s profits. The flight tickets are already expensive compared to AirAsia.

“With AirAsia, there is no free drinks, no free alcohol. Everything needs to be paid. So I suggest that MAS follow in AirAsia’s steps. What passenger wants, must pay.”

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