8 Things Our Politicians Said In 2017 That Made Us Say “What?”

4. Riduan Mohd Nor: No guarantee of safety at beer festival, could lead to crime, free s’ex and rape.

Image Credit: UtaraNews

Not too long ago, several factions went into a big debate about what would have been one of the largest craft beer events held here.

PAS central committee member Dr Riduan Mohd Nor said, “We’re not willing to allow Kuala Lumpur to be known worldwide as the largest vice centre in Asia.”

“What is the assurance of safety to be given to the public that there won’t be any crime, free s3x, rape and so on?

“It is regretted that Malaysia is chosen for this beer festival although the organiser said it is for non-Muslims besides promoting tourism.

“Although Muslims are not the targeted crowd, there are no limits or obstructions for them to join.”

The beer festival ended up being cancelled, and the organisers cited “political sensitivity” as one of the main reasons behind the cancellation.

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