8 Things Our Politicians Said In 2017 That Made Us Say “What?”

7. Irwan Serigar: If there are poor Malaysians, it’s because they’re not putting in more effort. 

Image Credit: The Sun Daily

Early this year, despite our then continually declining Ringgit, Irwan Serigar stated that the economy is strong under our premier’s leadership, but our Ringgit is instead weighed down by negative perceptions.

This perception was intentionally stirred by interested parties and needs to be corrected, he said at a press conference.”

Staying true to his opinions, Irwan Serigar reiterated that people have been claiming that our economy was lagging behind other developing countries.

“They say everything is wrong. They say we are in debt like in Bangladesh. There are people here who are confusing the rakyat,” said Irwan. “If Indonesians can make a living here, Malaysians should be more prosperous.”

Instead, if there are poor Malaysians, Irwan states that it’s because they aren’t working hard enough.

““If they have hands and legs and can walk, they can make a living in Malaysia.”

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