Uniquely Singapore – 10 Things You Can Find Only In Singapore

Credit: Ladyironchef.com

Singapore is a unique city that has influences from both the East and West.

To foreigners, we speak in a hybrid of different languages that sounds like an entire language of its own and we have a distinct culture that cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world. Sometimes, we have habits and behaviours that foreigners cannot comprehend. But that’s because We Are Singapore and we are unique like that.

This National Day, let us celebrate the 10 Things You Can Find Only In Singapore.

#1 The Chewing Gum Ban

chewing gum ban

Photo Credit: The Stain Eaters

Few in Singapore would not be aware of this. In fact, while traveling abroad, a favourite question asked by our foreigner friends is the reason to having such a law in Singapore.

Well, the law was set up after 1922 because people were unhygienically sticking it everywhere in public.

#2 Reserving Seats In Hawker Centres With Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper

Photo Credit: Scape

That is obviously an empty table but why are people walking past it during lunch hour? Observe carefully.

Yes, that packet of tissue paper sitting right in the middle of the table is a Singaporean way of reserving seats.

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