Uniquely Singapore – 10 Things You Can Find Only In Singapore

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#9 Kaya Toast With Half-Boiled Eggs

Kaya Toast

A simple and hearty breakfast enjoyed by many locals, you can find this traditional set complete with coffee or tea at coffee shops or kopitiams.

#10 Singlish


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It is easy to identify a fellow Singaporean on the streets and even abroad once they start speaking in Singlish. A mixture of English, Malay and Hokkien, it is a special combination that is hard to imitate or even understand unless you have been living here for a few years.

Sometimes, we even add in slangs such as ‘lah’ or ‘lor’ to express different feelings and only a true blue Singaporeans will get it immediately. It may make no sense to others since the sentence structure works perfectly even when you omit those words but Singlish is what makes us Singaporeans.

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