#Throwback: Top 10 Singaporeans Who Have Made Us Proud At The Olympics

The flag has been passed onto Tokyo, and Rio says goodbye to the 2016 Olympic Games. This year’s games had been especially special for us – with Joseph Schooling taking home the first ever gold medal.

But as we await the next games in four years time, let’s take a look at the past Olympic athletes who have brought glory to Singapore throughout the years.

10. London, 1948

Image Credit: youth.sg

After the war ended, high-jumper Lloyd Oscar Valberg (Joseph Schooling’s grand uncle) became the first athlete to represent Singapore as a crown colony in the 1948 Olympics.

A firefighter by trade, he emerged 14th out of 20 without a coach or even access to proper equipment for training, and made up the smallest contingent (just him and his captain) during the opening ceremony that year.

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