Top 10 All Time Hit Movies in Singapore

Movies have always been a great source of entertainment in Signapore. Although movies were made in Singapore from the 1950s, they were mostly or Chinese or Malay origin.

The new and powerful phase of Singapore film industry began in 1991 with the movie ‘Medium Rare’. This young industry already has great movies in its kitty. Listed below is the list of Top 10 all time hit Movies of Singapore.

1.12 Storeys (1997): Starring Jack Neo and Kho Boon Pin, 12 Storeys was the first Singaporean movie to be screened at Cannes.

An Eric Khoo feature film, its gripping storyline about 3 stories intertwined was seen as a breakthrough in the Singapore film industry.

2.Money No Enough (1998): Starring a team of television actors, Money No Enough saw Jack Neo creating magic as a writer this time. This light hearted comedy was a phenomenal success.

The plot of the story and its direction was very realistic and showcased the everyday quest of someone who gets quick money. Although made with a low budget of S$ 1million, it stands as the highest grosser (local film) with S$ 5.8 million profits.

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