Top 10 All Time Hit Movies in Singapore


5.I Not Stupid (2002) : Jack Neo seems to be the reigning monarch of the Singapore film industry. Starring in I not Stupid, he was instrumental in marking a new peak in Singaporean film industry.

A story is from the perspective of 3 students who barely manage to get through education with very poor grades. The story is about how they see the excessively competitive academic way of life. It’s sharp, cutting story telling style struck a chord with the audience.


6.15: The Movie (2004): Starring Melvin Lee, Melvin Chen, Vynn Soh and Erick Chun, this movie is extremely close to reality and almost feels like a slap on the face.

Directed by Royston Tan, a young commercial short film director, the movie could not pass the censor board because of its sensitive content. It is based on drug-abusing criminals. Try watching the uncut version to get the real taste of the script.

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