Top 10 All Time Hit Songs in Singapore

Singapore is a centre of rock and punk culture. Although there are different music genres that are popular in the country, the people here love to rock and roll. Additionally, if there is one thing that Singaporeans love after cars and bike, it is their music.

The top chartbusters see a change quite frequently, but there are songs which have been timeless and are a favorite among people even today.

1.”Mr Twister” – The Crecendos:

A heavy metal number, Mr Twister, by ‘The Crecendos’ from the 1960s is a rare piece for vintage collectors in Singapore and abroad. They were the band from Singapore to sign Philip, an international record label.

2.”Shanty” – The Quests:

Shanty is a signature tune of the band, ‘The Quests’ and was a popular pop song in the 1960s. This number makes you groove to its tune till this day. The band had recorded this song in 1964, and not one but three versions of it. Its instrumental version is played even today.

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