Top 10 Banks in Singapore

Banks can help you save better, earn more, pay less on interests yet help enhance your financial assets. Service from banks can help you and your business grow better, provided you take the right pick and select a brand which is customer centric and service oriented. Singapore, one of the fastest and strongest developed nations, has numerous banks operating to serve the nation and its citizens. The island country is South East Asia’s banking hub and the major international banks have their branches located here.

Singapore houses Asia’s safest banks. The top ten banks functioning at their best are:

10.Barclays bank

Barclays’ biggest office in Asia is in Singapore. It being the regional hub of Asian private banking business and mainstay for numerous global functions is an important branch for the bank.

9.State Bank of India

One of the largest amongst the commercial banks in India, SBI operates seamlessly across the globe. Providing services to its customers at corporate and individual level, SBI in Singapore operates with a status of full bank. In 2010 the bank was awarded with Strongest Bank in the Asia Pacific Region Award.

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