Top 10 Best And Most Famous Churches in Singapore

Best Churches in Singapore

  • Singapore has many beautiful Churches belonging to Catholic, Anglican, Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian and Methodist faiths.
  • 18.3% of Singapore’s population are followers of Christianity.
  • One third of Singapore’s Christians are Catholics. There are 31 Roman Catholic parishes in Singapore.
  • Christianity came to Singapore with the founding of Singapore as a British Colony by Sir Stamford Raffles in 1819.
  • As per the 2010 census, Christians are the fastest growing religious group in Singapore. A significant number of ethnic Chinese Buddhists have converted to Christianity.

St Andrew’s Cathedral, Singapore

Saint Andrew's Cathedral is Singapore's Oldest Anglican Church740 View Street, Victoria (Central Area)

St Andrew’s Cathedral is the largest Cathedral in Singapore. St Andrew’s is Singapore’s oldest Anglican Church and the main church of the Anglican Diocese of Singapore. It was named after the patron saint of Scotland, because the original church was funded by Scottish traders.

Singapore’s St Andrew’s Cathedral is a shining example of the beautiful British colonial and Neo-Gothic architecture. It has an impressive tower, a tall spire and exquisite stain glass.  Construction of the original church started in 1835 and it has been demolished and rebuilt twice. The current St Andrew’s Cathedral started service in 1861. St Andrew’s Cathedral is a gazette National Monument.


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