Top 10 Companies That Singaporeans Are Dying To Work For


1. Google

Image Credit: Google

Well, were you expecting someone else?

Retaining the top spot, Google now resides in a sprawling new Asia Pacific HQ in Singapore which opened just last year, and they are using the country as a hub to reach out to the region through research and development of existing and upcoming products.

If Google is at the top of your list, chances are, we don’t have to say much to convince you that the tech company is arguably one of the best places to carve out a career.

Aside from just looking for experienced individuals to join their Singapore team, they are also sowing the seeds for future generations with local initiatives like Code in the Community, where they sponsor free coding class for kids from underprivileged backgrounds.


Just In Time For Graduation Season

It’s no secret that Singaporean millennials are well-educated and discerning.

Not simply wanting a job, they seek a career that can help chart new milestones as their careers advance, all while feeling that the work they do carry a degree of impact and meaning.

As this year’s graduates prepare for their first big step into their future, having a dream company to work towards may just be enough motivation for them to carefully chart out their careers.

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