Top 10 Enrichment Classes in Singapore For Babies, Preschoolers and School Kids

Baby (0 – 18 months)
Little ones respond best to stimulation at this age. So keep them entertained with creative classes that provide a great source of stimuli and fun.

1. Heguru infant & Toddler Class
Where: Heguru Method
What: Tapping on learning methods that optimise brain development, Heguru Method cultivates early learning through a fun, nurturing environment, with particular focus on creative and critical thinking.

Best of all, the centre’s certified senior instructors are also veteran teachers familiar with the local school syllabus —allowing them to prepare little ones (from the age of six months onwards) for school in years to come.

2. Musical Monkeys For Babies
Where: Musical Monkeys
What: Develop a closer bond with your little ones as they learn simple exercises such as bouncing, wiggles and tickles through musical stimulation. This is because these movements to music trigger the release of oxytocin, the same “bonding” hormone that is produced during nursing.

Another advantage of the course? You get to build your parent support network with other parents attending the programme too.

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