Top 10 Enrichment Classes in Singapore For Babies, Preschoolers and School Kids

7. Baby Swimming Lessons
Where: Smile Swimmers
What: Get into the pool and turn little ones into water babies with this Smile Swimmers class, designed by lead instructor Coach Kidd, and catered for infants between three to 12 months of age.

Aimed at building up baby’s water confidence, the class also teaches water survival skills, body balancing and coordination, and stability in water manoeuvring and movement.

8. Tiny Tykes
Where: My Gym
What: Bond with your little one through a range of activities that let mini-mes discover their physical abilities while developing their cognitive functions.

Created for tots from seven to 13 months old, this hour-long class starts with gentle stretches and exercises before moving onto songs, dances and other fun active adventures.

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