Top 10 Enrichment Classes in Singapore For Babies, Preschoolers and School Kids

9. Gymtots
Where: Bubbles Gymnastics
What: Families that play together, stay together. At this introductory programme designed for parents and kids between the ages of one and three, you start with “free exploration” time conducted by professional coaches, before moving on to warm-ups, song and dance, basic gymnastics skills, and running through a circuit.

Hand apparatuses are also used to improve hand-eye coordination and motor skills.

10. Gifted Babes
Where: Growing up Gifted
What: Give your child a head start in learning and build her confidence through play-based phonics and fun activities designed to engage all five senses such as popcorn-making, playing bongos to African beats and hand-painting with ice cream!

The course, created for children from eight to 18 months old, also includes an introduction to Mandarin stories, songs, puppetry and more.

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