Top 10 High-Paying Jobs That Don’t Require A Bachelor’s Degree


The median annual wages listed are calculated to include hourly, weekly, and annual pay, as well as sales commissions and production bonuses. Overtime wages are not included in the data. We also provided the expected job openings through 2022 and the work experience or on-the-job training needed for a particular job.


10. Land surveyor: R10 000 – R35 000 per month

Land surveyors are technicians who measure and map environments using specialist equipment, particularly in the construction industry.

While assistant or junior land surveyors do not initially earn an exorbitant amount, with seven or more years’ experience in a construction environment, along with a relevant national diploma, you can earn anything from R25 000 to R35 000 per month.

9. Millwright: R20 000 – R35 000 per month

Millwrights are the technicians responsible for installing, maintaining, and repairing industrial machinery and equipment.


With experience in a production environment, a national diploma and trade test certification in this field, you can step into the millwright profession with a substantial starting salary.

8. Electrical technician: R15 000 – R38 000 per month

Electrical technicians are different from home electricians as they are generally responsible for the installation, testing, and maintenance of complex commercial and industrial electrical systems.

An experienced and qualified technician can earn anything between R20 000 and R38 000 per month. Studying toward a National Qualification in Electrical Engineering via distance learning will give you the opportunity to start working as an assistant to a technician while you complete your technical qualification and go on to get your trade test certification.

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