Top 10 Hospitals in Singapore

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3. Tan tock seng hospital

Singapore’s second largest hospital, Tan Tock Seng hospital is recognized by International Joint Commission owing to its high standard medical practices.

Established in 1844, this hospital is centrally located, yet another reason for it to have one of the busiest emergency department. Tan tock hospital has more than 6000 staff members to catering to the bustling patient gathering.

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2.Singapore general hospital

Singapore general hospital located in the southwestern part of the city was first established in 1821 and is one of the largest and the oldest hospitals in Singapore.

In 1981 the hospital was rebuilt and now it has 1400 beds and a staff count of around 5000. The SGH postgraduate medical institute (PGMI) and Institute of advance nursing (IAN) are located inside the hospital premises.

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