Top 10 Leading Companies From Singapore

Singapore is a small nation with a population of barely 5.6 million but many of its companies have a global footprint and are dominant in their respective fields.

The Lion City’s success is built upon the bedrock of supportive government policies, a highly educated and skilled workforce, as well as world-class infrastructure.

This has enabled Singapore to become home to firms that are world leaders in sectors as diverse as banking, telecommunications, and even food processing.

Here, then, is a brief description of the country’s 10 leading companies based on total revenue, net profit, total assets and market capitalization.

1. Singtel

SingTel is an international telecommunications company with over 600 million mobile customers around the world. The SingTel Group has offices spread across Asia Pacific, Europe, and the US and employs 23,000 staff.

To fuel its expansion, SingTel has invested in several telecom companies including Bharti Airtel, which has operations in India, South Asia, and Africa. Investments have also been made in Telkomsel in Indonesia, Globe Telecom in the Philippines, and in Advanced Info Service in Thailand.

Not content with its existing service offerings, the company has even delved into the video streaming service industry in the form of Hooq, which is a joint venture with media heavyweights Sony Pictures Television and Warner Bros.

Market Capitalization: S$62 billion

Total Revenue: S$17 billion

Net Profit: S$3.8 billion

Total Assets: S$43.6 billion

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