Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Puerto Rico

The island of Puerto Rico may be small geographically but Puerto Ricans know how to shine, and one sphere in which they have been standouts throughout the years, is beautiful pageants. To date there have been two Miss World and five Miss Universe winners, making Puerto Rico the country with the third most Miss Universe queens. Get to know some of the fantastic women who have represented the island nation internationally by checking out the following guide.

Most Beautiful Queens of Beauty pagents in Puerto Rico

10. Marisol Malaret

In 1970 and at the age of 19, Marisol Malaret was the first woman from Puerto Rico to be crowned Miss Universe. It was a momentous occasion for the island, whose queens had never reached the semi-finals.

Once her reign was over Malaret continued to work in entertainment, by hosting a television show, appearing on radio shows, and editing a magazine. She is still beloved in Puerto Rico.

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