Top 10 Most Expensive Currencies In The World Right Now


6) Swiss Franc ( CHF )

Swiss Franc

1 CHF buys $ 0.99 U.S

Switzerland is the secretly famous banking sector which made the national currency a safe haven for the capital of international and this country pegged it into the euros which then joined this union of currency and opted for the dual system to choose the Franc in abolishing.

Last year was freely floating to cause he appreciation sharply to exchange all the rates.


5) Euro ( EUR )

1 Euro buys $ 1.09 U.S

The dysfunctional political and economic system is terrible. It manages the euros above this U.S Dollar which also remains to be the most expensive currency on this planet and it is very much tragic for the people who visits places like Paris or Rome.

It is an expectation of the slide to be down in this list.

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