Top 10 Most Expensive Currencies In The World Right Now


4) British Pound ( GBP )

British Pound ( GBP )

1 GBP buys $ 1.42 U.S

This U.S dollar gained too many currencies in the previous year. The British pound was ended in 2015 on the streak of positivity. This pound sterling is also very expensive for all the Americans.

It is quite embarrassing while hearing about the greenbacks of fistful of all the currencies to be convertible with the half of the quantity and the Mark carney poaching to run England back and also it was a great idea in it.



3) Omani Rial ( OMR )

Omani Rial ( OMR )

1 OMR buys $ 2.60 U.S

Middle East has banded all the prices together to be collapsed with the 2014 summer. The actual issues were quite frank with the beginning of oil prices above the $ 100.00 per barrel.

The extractors of U.S gave margins to develop shale technology. The oversupply resulted in decimation of crude oil market and this Omani Rial is outrageously expensive and costs about $ 2.60.

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