Top 10 Most Influential People from Singapore


The following people made their mark on both the local and international scenes. They are just some of many famous Singaporeans who have lifted Singapore’s name worldwide and made a difference in our world. Their purpose and stories inspired awe if not greatness.

:: List of Top 10 Most Influential People from Singapore ::

1. Lee Kuan Yew

Lee Kuan Yew was born on September 16, 1923 and the eldest child of Chua Jim Neo and Lee Chin Koon. His ancestors were Chinese immigrants. He was given an English education and graduated with Double Starred First Class Honors in law from the Fitzwilliam College in Cambridge, England.

Lee was the election agent of John Laycock in 1951, in whose legal office Lee worked for after his graduation. Laycock ran under the pro-British party banner. Soon Lee realized that Laycock will not win mass support since majority of the voters are of Chinese descent. He started his links to the working class Chinese-speaking population when he was named as a legal advisor to the students’ union as well as the trade union.


2. Stephanie Sun

Stephanie Sun is a multi-awarded singer-songwriter born on July 23, 1978. She also goes by the name Sun Yan Zi. She has a degree in marketing from the Nanyang Technological University. She was discovered by her music teacher who also owns the school when she attended his Lei Wei Song School of Music.

She has recorded 10 albums and has sold 10 million copies in Asia alone. Although Stephanie is a Singaporean, she has made Taiwan her base where she has a large fan base. She usually goes around Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and China for record and album promotions.

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