Top 10 Music Schools in Singapore


Learning how to play a musical instrument or how to sing is more than just a hobby, and can actually prove beneficial in many ways, such as building cognitive abilities and encouraging creativity, particularly in younger learners.

With that being said, Singapore has many music schools that are well equipped to teach and guide anyone who wishes to improve their musicality – no matter their age. Check out these Singapore’s Top 10 Music Schools.


1) Juzmusic

Juzmusic offers several different programs, and these are: Instrumental Lessons, Early Childhood Programmes, Pop Music Programme and Programs for Institutions.

The teachings of Dr. Shin’ichi Suzuki are held to a high regard here. Besides this, they are also accredited by ABRSM (Associated Board of Royal School of Music). You can also purchase instruments from them. They currently have three branches. | FB: Juzmusic

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