Top 10 Richest Billionaire in Singapore

Thiis year’s edition of Forbes’ ‘Singapore 50 Richest‘ List has been unveiled, a quick look at the Singaporean and Singapore-based names in its ‘World’s Billionaires’ list reveals both familiar and new names making it into the upper ranks.

At the moment, real estate tycoons Robert and Philip Ng still remain at the top of the list – a position they have consistently maintained. But there are some new faces that featured in there

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#10. Sam Goi

Net Worth-2.2 Billion

Son of a Fujian farmer, Sam Goi owns Tee Yih Jia Food Manufacturing, the world’s largest maker of popiah skins, that are used for spring rolls

Goi dropped out of school to work in his father’s grocery store then got into frozen foods when he bought a struggling food unit.

He also has real estate interests through his stake in listed firm GSH

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