Top 10 Singaporean Celebrities Homes

Orchard Residences is one popular spot for celebrity homes in Singapore Ever wondered where  or how  the rich and the famous live? We give you the scoop on these celebrity homes in Singapore where both famous personalities and local celebrities stay!

Emmanuel Stroobant: Landed property at Sixth Avenue

Celebrity Chef Emmanuel Stroobant cut his teeth working as a dishwasher at several Michelin-starred restaurants within his home country, Belgium. Today, he lives in Singapore, and runs the Emmanuel Stroobant Group together with his wife.

Emmanuel owns a 7,000 square foot house at Sixth Avenue, which cost him a cool $3,500,000 to purchase, and an additional $1,800,000 to rebuild and furnish. The property includes a basement, swimming pool, and of course, a beautiful open-concept kitchen.

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