Top Companies to Work for in Singapore


2. Shell Singapore

NY Daily News
The Anglo-Dutch oil and gas behemoth has offices all across the world, which is why it is not a surprise that it has offices in Singapore as well, as Singapore is often regarded as one of the most important centres for corporations in the South-East Asian region.
Shell has consistently been one of the most sought after organisations for people in Singapore and expats for many years, not only due to its stature as a company (which incidentally is a big thing in Singapore), but also because of the fact that employees are well taken care of in the organisation.Shell Singapore offers solid salaries to all its employees and considering the cost of living in Singapore, that is a huge plus. In addition to that, there are huge career developments programmes that are offered to fresh graduates who are employed by the organisation. Shell Singapore employs a wide variety of professionals starting from those involved in engineering to those specialising in accountancy; which is why it is possible for you to get a job that best suits your qualifications.The 2014 Ranstad Award that placed Shell Singapore as the second best place to work in the city-state, noted that it is an organisation where ‘great people, great values and great opportunities’ find a place.


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