Top Companies to Work for in Singapore


1. Singapore Google


This tech giant seems to be one of the best places to work for across the world. Also, unsurprisingly it’s among the companies which are high on the wish list of skilled professionals who wish to make it in Singapore. The state of the art office, located at Asia Square, is the nerve centre of the company’s business interests in the Asia-Pacific region and it is not a surprise that the company makes sure that their employees in the city are well looked after, although it would be a disservice to the company to deduce that they do not treat employees in other offices as well.

Google does not only offer great salaries, incentives and other benefits to all its employees but it also provides an environment in which the employees can shine. Singapore Google handles the work of some of the biggest names in media, publishing and other businesses which certainly makes it a rewarding experience for any professional.


The company has been particularly successful in immersing itself in the local culture that makes the experience of being a ‘Singagoogler’ particularly attractive for anyone. The famed Google microkitchens do not look like any other microkitchen in any other Google office, but like a typical South Asian food stall for instance. Talk about a company that likes to spoil their employees!

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