Top 5 Worth-It Enrichment Classes for Toddlers in Singapore

Your preschooler might be young, but his or her time is already precious. At this juncture, your child is gradually trading in his or her play time for classroom lessons, which means that he or she is challenged with adapting to both an education system as well as to new foreign environments. However, enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore have been proven to impart skills, wisdoms and values that a child retains for the rest of his or her life, so choosing the right classes is of paramount importance.

A child’s instinct is to play, which is active and liberal learning, but he or she might be less inclined to enjoy classroom lessons, whose rigid structures are less likely to appeal to young minds. The perfect solution to this dilemma is enrolling one’s preschooler in engaging classes where he or she can enjoy open-ended learning. Here are five types of English enrichment classes for toddlers in Singapore that might entice your child with both their elements of fun as well as their inviting natures:

Reading workshops

The ultimate springboard for preschoolers, reading workshops not only prepare their participants for primary or elementary school, they also cultivate better reading prowess within young minds. The depth of our reading skills are largely shaped in our childhood, which influences our negotiation of tasks and triumphs for the rest of our lives.

Is your child reading effectively and efficiently? One’s reading skill and one’s writing proficiency, which the former of which inevitably determines the latter, are both continually crucial throughout an individual’s education and career. You can develop in your preschooler good grammar, comprehension and storytelling skills, articulation and most importantly, a love for reading through a preschool enrichment course.

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