Top 5 Worth-It Enrichment Classes for Toddlers in Singapore


Cooking Class

Not everyone realises how much cooking refines a journeyman’s conscientiousness, awareness of one’s surroundings, emotional intelligence, multitasking capabilities and personal organisation. Cooking might not involve advanced technology or literacy, but this seeming blue-collar task is undeniably intertwined with observation, inquiry, thinking, management, communication and presentation, in that order. Gastronomy delights us and gives us a sense of self in a cultural respect, among many benefits that are elaborated under MindChamps’ Gourmet Moments


MindChamps Preschool has mindfully put together a holistic spectrum of English enrichment classes for toddlers within its curriculum, which comprise all of the types of classes recommended above. During these sessions that are conducted by tenured experts and have been refined for optimal learning, practical life skills are imparted to participants in enjoyable and conducive ways, which will equip young people generously for school and life.

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