Top 8 Richest People in Hongkong Currently

5. Li Hejun, $21.1 billion

Li Hejun
Li Hejun is considered by many to be a saviour rather than a ruthless businessman, owing to the fact he makes money from renewable energy sources.
This means that Hejun has pioneered an idea for people to discard unnecessary fossil fuels and harness energy from sources that are renewable, such as solar and hydro power plants.

6.Ma Huateng (Pony Ma), $16.1 billion

Pony Ma
“Pony Ma,” as he is nicknamed, is the founder of Tencent, Inc., which is one of the biggest Internet firms in China.
According to the statistics of October 2014, he is the 6th richest person in China, and the 65th richest billionaire in the world.Ma’s nickname, Pony comes from his family name, which when translated into English, becomes “horse.”
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