Top 8 Zi Char Places in Singapore


Do you tend to order the same couple of dishes every time you go to a zi char place? Even though you know it’s a safe choice that always tastes good, it’d be nice to try something new once in a while, wouldn’t it?

So we came up with a list of well-reviewed zi char places that have unique and delicious specialty dishes. Dishes like lobster porridge or rice hor fun or seriously good angus beef. Check out all these drool-worthy zi char dishes.


Orchid Live Seafood Restaurant

The first one that makes the list is Orchid Live Seafood Restaurant.

Must try: Lobster porridge. And yes, lobster is affordable now, and it’s not just what you find in Asian-Western fusion restaurants.

The lobster is fresh and sweet, the broth rich and savoury, and the generous sprinkling of crisp and juicy scallions add a little bit of freshness.

Where: 12 Jln Kelulut, Singapore 809030

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