Top Amazing Celebrities Who Have Left Mediacorp

Mediacorp was the childhood for many. I remember rushing to sit in front of the television when the clock showed 9. When the 9 p.m. drama series comes on Channel 8, I would watch it together with my family. I am pretty sure it is the same for many families; perhaps just different channels.

Old MediaCorp logo
Mediacorp’s old logo

However, it appears that in recent years, many beloved Singapore celebrities have left Mediacorp. Does this signal the fall of the great media company? Well, let’s first take a look at 7 of the more prominent celebrities who have left.

*Format: Name (Years as Mediacorp Artiste)

1. Michelle Chong (2005 – 2011)

Leticia Bongnino

You should be able to recognise this talented actress who is able to mimic accent of various nationalities. She has played as Leticia Bongnino in the Channel 5 show The Noose and is now making a name for herself as Ah Lian on her own channel.

2. Gurmit Singh (1994 – 2014)

Gurmit Singh

MediaCorp’s former artiste was an actor, host and comedy performer. I am pretty sure you would already have known this but he was also the actor behind the famous persona Phua Chu Kang.

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